SAML2 with Auth0


  • You are an administrator of an Auth0 domain and would like Engine user to be redirected to this Auth0 domain for signup and SSO login.

Auth0 configuration

  • Follow these instructions to create a register a single-page-app for SAML2 SSO using Auth0

  • The Name of the applicaiton can be the domain name on which your instance of Engine is located.

  • On the Addons tab, enable SAML2 Web App and use these steps as a guide.

  • Set the Application Callback URL to match Engine's Assertion URL (e.g. https:///auth/adfs/callback?id=adfs-XXXXXX\

  • Paste in the below for Settings:

    "mappings": {
      "email": "",
      "first_name": "",
      "last_name": "",
      "login_name": ""

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