The logger is automatically mixed into all driver classes and has the usual logger levels:

  • debug: use debug often for verbose output - not saved to log files by default

  • info: anything you are interested in seeing in the log file

  • warn: something might be wrong, possibly worth investigation.

  • error: something went wrong, definitely worth investigation

  • fatal: something that should never go wrong, went wrong. Requires immediate investigation / resolution

If text being passed to the logger requires some string manipulation or other processor intensive operation, it is worth performing this work in a block in case the result is not recorded - this is preferred with debug statements as they are discarded when nobody is watching.

def received(data, resolve, command)
    logger.debug {
        cmd = String.new("Device sent 0x#{byte_to_hex(data)}")
        cmd << " for command #{command[:name]}" if command
        cmd # return the text to be displayed if we are debugging

There is also a handy helper method for formatting errors:

    raise 'whoa!'
rescue => e
    logger.print_error e, 'optional additional description of error'

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